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» INTRAMS :) @ Monday, November 15, 2010

Note: This is a late post. I should have posted this last Saturday but due to the stupid computer that hangs every freakin` time, I decided not to. And I`m currently crossing my fingers right now that it won`t happen again. So yeeeah. (:

Hello everyone. It`s been a week. Anyway, my body still hurts like hell cause of the volleyball game we had yesterday. It was great! We have 2 wins and 0 lose so far. And we`re currently waiting. I`m so happy. I improve! I can`t play this well before. My serve always fail. :L lol, but now, I can do it perfectly. I still don`t know how to spike though. =P lol. But it`s no big deal for me. (; So there, I think we have a big chance of bringing home the bacon. It`s because we have the varsity player. lol jk. That`s just a bonus. We can`t make it this far if we`re not having a teamwork, right? (; Hmm, let`s just see what`s ahead for us. For the mean time, I need to get well from this body pain. Haha. It`s weird. I didn`t feel it last night. I just feel sleepy then. Then the morning I woke up, I feel like not moving. And that`s when I realize that my body hurts. :( Well, I`ll get well. Atleast, it`s all worth it, right? (; And I think my crush just inspired me to play well during the game. Hahahaha. :">

And because of this, I think I might try my luck to join a volleyball team in college. Hahaha. Oh my. Let`s just see. (: And have a happy weekend everyone! <3

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