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» MOVIE REVIEW: The Notebook and A Walk To Remember. ♥ @ Saturday, November 6, 2010

So it was a Saturday morning and I was bored so I watched a good romantic movie, The Notebook and A Walk To Remember. So here`s my review:

The Notebook: The story start with a two old couples. The man was reading a story written to a notebook to her wife cause she wasn`t able to remember a single thing. The story was based on their story of how they met. They`re two lovers who met at the rural place. Allie is from the city and Noah is from the rural. They`re seventeen years old them. But Allie`s mother doesn`t want Noah for her and she thought it was just another Summer Romance. After that, Allie and Noah had a fight. When Noah found out they already moved to the city, it was too late for him to reach Allie. He wrote 365 letters to her everyday but her mother kept it to Allie. As time went by, Noah decided to go on with his life and Allie had a fiance. But after seven years, they met again and cleared some things up. In the end, they lived happily ever after. After the story reading, Allie suddenly remembered everything then after a few minutes, she`s back to her old self again. Until one day, Noah just laid beside her and until death, they`re together. :)

Awe. I wish I was able to have a first love like this. But too bad, I wasted it on some stupid jerk. lol. Everything the kissing scene comes on, I always get the "kilig vibes". Gahd. They`re so sweet. :)No matter what`s your status, you should definitely watch this! :) Oh wait, I think you have watched it. lol. I`m too late for everything. :L

A Walk To Remember
: It`s two people who are way different from each other. Landon Carter is one of the not-so-good type of guy. And Jamie Sullivan is the kind of girl who`s so kind and very down to earth. The story begins when Landon and his friends were trapped into a trouble but the cops caught Landon. So as a punishment, he should go on Tutoring class and Drama class in which Jamie attends. After spending time with her, he realized that Jamie is the most amazing girl she have met and he fall in love to her. Jamie changed her life for a better. :)

Okay. I really think you should watch this too. They`re not like any other stories. I also have read this book and it`so good that I wanna reread it all over again. Actually, I have watched this movie three times now and it never gets old. ;)

Thumbs up for Nicholas Sparks! You`re such a good writer. Next on my list are Dear John and The Last Song. :)

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