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» Retreat November 22-24, 2010 @ Thursday, November 25, 2010

I missed internet. `Nuff said.

LOL JK! I have a lot to say right now! The retreat was so great. Uhm.. I don`t know how to start. =)) When I arrived at the school, everyone was falling in line cause we`re going to ride on the bus. I was kinda disappointed cause I should have arrived early so I can get my retreat letter of my friends in the other section by myself. But Shannen (my special ex-boyfriend) is the one I`ve been dying to see that time. lol no, I know what you`re thinking. It`s not like that. We just treat each other in a special way and we both promised to each other that I`d give him a cupcake and vice versa. Why cupcake? Cause that`s our sweet nicknames to each other when we were thirteen years old. Haha. That`s why it`s corny. :)) Back to the story, my classmate approached me that Shannen gave it to me. But before I can find him to give mine too, my teacher told us that no one will get off the bus now. I feel guilty. Cause I failed to make my promise for the second time. One, when I told him I don`t want to take the UST exam. Then that`s the next. Good thing he saw me on the window but he can`t seem to understand what I`m trying to say. Okay, enough about Shannen. Haha. :))

I`m having fun while on the bus. Tricia, Erika and Bernard are so noisy. =)) We waved at the people on the streets and those truck drivers. =)) We talk about stuffs and stuffs. It`s fun. I also read some retreat letters but the one that moved me is Althea`s letter to me. I was touched by her encouraging words. :')

It was already afternoon when we arrived. We go to the session halls and they gave the rules and.. Skip that part. That`s boring. lol. My favorite part is when it`d late at night. We talk until evening but we can`t fully enjoy it cause our adviser`s room is next to us. =P However, we`re such a badass that we went to the session hall to get those snacks as quickly as a ninja. lmfao. It was fun. Until the boys came into our room, they were so noisy that our adviser heard us and we got scolded. lol.

The next morning, they become more strict to us. If you arrived late in breakfast, you can`t eat. If someone is talking, all of us can`t continue eating unless the person who is talking will admit his mistakes and he/she needs to stop eating breakfast too. It also applies on lunch and evening. Fast forward. On our last evening of staying there, that`s the night where we let our emotions flow. Ofcourse, I cried cause I`m such a crybaby. Tricia is my partner and before I can even start sharing my drama, I cried. lol. Then we had an activity where the guide will tell us a story and we should reflect on it. We should let our imagination flow. Almost all of us are crying. I didn`t even expect that those i-am-the-boss kind of classmates will cry too. Then there comes the sharing. We were divided unti three groups. And as expected again, I`m the one from my group who cries the most. I`m so sensitive. But I just noticed that I didn`t cried that much compared to the last retreat I had. Wow, I`m being strong.. somehow. :)

Then last night, we were so tired that all of us slept at around 1:30 am. And the last morning, we ate breakfast and.. okay, skip that part again. :)) My favorite moment are the "Free Hugs" part. Gahd. We cried. I was touched when this guy classmate of mine hugged me and apologizing cause of the jokes from him that I got hurt. :) That was such an emotional moment to me. Then we went on confession. OMG, the sin that I commited everyday is the one that I forgot to confessed. SAYING BAD WORDS. Pfft. Then after that, we took pictures, pictures, pictures and pictures then we`re about the leave the retreat house. Awe. :"> I will never forget that moment. I mean, I didn`t worried about those bitches who will pick on me that I said in my last post. We were brothers and sisters there.. well, except to "this guy". But I don`t care. Atleast I enjoyed it and I`m trying to be better now. I I WANT A NEW LIFE. :)

I guess that`s it. I just gave the important details. It was fun. But anyway, I missed the internet. Good thing we don`t have classes tomorrow. I really really really enjoyed it! But somehow, I can`t seem to forget what I saw awhile ago. His smile. His gestures to her. His words to her. asdfghjkl. Why am I affected? Here comes the feeling I thought I had forgotten already..

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